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Trump is divorced from reality, but is he also being separated from his powers?

This week in Washington, an excerpt from a new book on the Trump White House landed like a bombshell. The details were salacious, confirming the worst suspicions of his detractors: Trump is incurious, intellectually lazy, and a bully. He uses people to further his own ends and then discards them. He (more…)

Paul Ryan, the face of the new US tax bill, struggles to explain it

Paul Ryan, speaker of the US House of Representatives and long-time advocate of tax cuts for companies and the wealthy, was so thrilled when the Republican tax bill passed the House that his gavel bounced off the lectern. “I was very excited,” he told Fox & Friends later. “I have been (more…)

Michael Flynn may not have been the only rat in the White House this year

Michael Flynn, president Donald Trump’s former national security advisor, plead guilty yesterday to lying to the FBI about his contact with Russia, suggesting he could have a cut a deal with investigator Robert Mueller to offer damaging information on the president in exchange for a lighter charge. In other words, Flynn may (more…)

Other photos Trump could’ve picked to say he won’t fire Rex Tillerson

Yesterday, Donald Trump rebuffed reports that he was looking to oust Rex Tillerson, his secretary of state. The past few months have been filled with reports of Tillerson’s dissatisfaction with his role, reportedly calling Trump a “moron,” and considering resignation. But on Instagram and Twitter, Trump has stated that he will not (more…)

White House ”Monitoring the Situation” While Study Shows Illicit Bitcoin Use Has Dropped

News To aging heads of state and conservative bankers, bitcoin is a tool for criminality. To those in the know, nothing could be further from the truth; most bitcoin transactions are for legitimate purposes. Proving this has always been difficult, but a new study adds weight to this argument. Its (more…)

US households are about to see a lot more of this Moscow-born former Trump spokesman

The Federal Communications Commission, the US government office that regulates the media, voted today (Nov. 16) to roll back rules dating back to 1975 designed to make sure American citizens had diverse sources of news. After the FCC vote, companies that control a television broadcast station in one market can now own (more…)

The woman standing between the White House and the mass deportation of 450,000 people

Elaine Duke had been retired for several years from a three-decade federal government career when she got a call last winter to come back to Washington D.C. After Donald Trump’s surprise presidential win, the campaign-turned-transition team was scrambling to find experts to staff the government. Duke, 58, had years of experience at (more…)

Yes, Trump’s Twitter style did change while he was in China

Donald Trump wrapped up his state visit to China today and boarded Air Force One for the APEC summit in Vietnam, the fourth leg of his lengthy Asia tour. During his two-night stay in Beijing, the US president was feted with everything from an unprecedented Forbidden City dinner to a military (more…)

Beijing is playing Trump “like a fiddle,” an ex-ambassador to China says

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe’s recent hosting of Donald Trump was a masterclass in how to make the US president comfortable—feed him familiar food, take him on his favorite outing, golf, and tell him how much you like him. But Chinese president Xi Jinping added a creamy layer of pomp and circumstance (more…)