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Russia Drafts Bill to Legalize Cryptocurrency Trading on Approved Exchanges

Regulation The Russian Ministry of Finance is drafting a bill to legalize cryptocurrency trading at approved exchanges. The ministry is already preparing a list of approved trading platforms. Also read: Russian Regulators Draft Law to Restrict Crypto Mining, Payments, and Token Sales Some Exchanges Will be Legalized Alexei Moiseev. The Russian Deputy Finance Minister Alexei (more…)

Russia will now label the reporting of global news outlets as the work of “foreign agents”

According to a new law signed by Russian president Vladimir Putin on Saturday (Nov. 26), the Russian government now has the power to label media outlets that receive funding from outside Russia as “foreign agents.” The law is retaliatory. Russian officials have called it a “symmetrical response” to the US Department of (more…)

Putin Advisor Bearish on Bitcoin: ”The Cryptoruble Must Compete With Cash”

News Russia’s deputy finance minister has suggested that the name of the country’s national cryptocurrency should be changed from “cryptoruble” to “cyber-ruble”.  He is expecting “a large-scale correction” of bitcoin’s price and hopes to see a decline in interest in the cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the first proposal for the cryptoruble has (more…)

Russia Unveils Details of Cryptocurrency Bill Expected in February

Regulation Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister announced that the cryptocurrency bill is expected to be ready by February 1. He then unveiled some details of the bill, including taxation and registration of crypto miners, trading restrictions for bitcoin, and initial coin offering (ICOs) regulations. Also read: Bitcoin-Based Ethereum Rival RSK Set to Launch (more…)

Russia Has Found Best Location for Crypto Miners

Mining The Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has conducted a study to determine the best location for cryptocurrency mining in the country. The best region found is a major transport and distribution center as well as a transit hub with cheap electricity. Currently, there are very little crypto mining (more…)

Yet again, Trump believes Putin over his own intelligence officials

In Vietnam, at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, Donald Trump met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for the second time ever. Regardless, Trump again put Putin’s claims over his own intelligence officials. “He said he didn’t meddle,” said Trump quoting Putin. “I asked him again.” He went on to call the investigation (more…)

PR: Alexander Borodich Develops Universa Blockchain Platform-Based Solution for the President of Russian Federation

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. National Center for Helping Lost and (more…)

The company linking Wilbur Ross to Putin cronies has a key role in Trump’s energy plan

The news that Donald Trump’s commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, owns a stake in a company with links to the Kremlin has raised questions about whether Ross may have a personal conflict of interest. But there’s another reason the company is interesting: It’s involved in a key part of Trump’s energy policy, (more…)