This $575 Million ICO With Royal Backing Is So Crazy, It Might Be Real

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Crypto loves Lamborghinis. So much so it seems that a startup looking to release movies – early offerings include a biopic about the founder of the car company and his feud with the founder of Ferrari – has raised a whopping $575 million off its private sale of TTU crypto tokens from investors including BlockTower Capital and Read More

EOS Decentralization Questioned as Block Producers Freeze Accounts

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News On June 17, 2018, the 21 block producers or nodes that run the EOS network chose to freeze seven accounts that were allegedly stolen from EOS community members. According to reports, all 21 block producers unanimously decided to freeze the compromised assets but the decision was met with controversy from the EOS community, and Read More

Felines to Futbol: NFTs Are Crypto’s Hottest New Buzzword

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The World Cup may be completely analog, but don’t tell that to crypto developers. Soft launching now, a new company called CryptoStrikers is entering the so-called “crypto collectibles” market with tokens commemorating the stars of this year’s World Cup. The thing is the tokens it’s offering aren’t the same you’ll see listed on a popular Read More

Quantstamp Defends QSP, Says Dollars, Ether Accepted Out of ‘Necessity’

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A week after Quantstamp community members began accusing the smart contracts auditing startup of undermining the value of its $65 million token, the company responded with a statement on Thursday. As previously reported by CoinDesk, for at least the past week, Quantstamp token holders have been alleging that the company misled them by accepting U.S. Read More

Crypto Startup Wala Is Reaching Real Africans with Ethereum Micropayments

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In several countries throughout Africa, citizens are spending an average of 27 cents to top up their mobile airtime, and they’re using a crypto token to do it. That might sound strange to many in the crypto industry, since the vision of today’s blockchains allowing the movement of millions of microtransactions across the globe has Read More

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Drowning in Tokens

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Altcoins It’s hard to put a finger on the precise point at which token overload kicked in. Token fatigue has been brewing for some time, as the spate of new coins, mostly launched by ICOs, has  turned into an unstoppable torrent. Every day, cryptocurrency exchanges are barraged with listing applications by ICOs, and they do Read More

Save the World? Blockchain’s Big Dreams Come Back to Earth in DC

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“Who is actually getting results?” Whispered between attendees in a crowd of 300 at the Blockchain for Social Impact conference in Washington D.C. on June 1, the statement may have summed up the sentiment at the event. The group assembled at the U.S. Institute for Peace may have spanned from ethereum entrepreneurs to crypto-curious international Read More

Faast Platform Connects With Popular Wallets Offering Cross-Chain Swaps

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Altcoins There’s a new application called Faast, a service that claims to enable secure cross-chain trades by utilizing a few popular wallet clients and two well-known hardware devices Ledger and Trezor. This means users can swap BTC for ETH, and trade various ERC-20 tokens in a secure manner without leaving a trusted environment.  Also read: The Read More

Move ‘Em Out: ICOs Don’t Seem So Scary Outside the US

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ICO issuers are starting to look to jurisdictions outside the U.S. to set up shop. In an environment of regulatory uncertainty, where the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has begun investigating ICOs and the industry surrounding the capital raising technology but has yet to make a formal decision of how it will regulate crypto Read More