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If Your Crypto Doesn’t Have a Mobile Wallet It’s Not Really a Currency

Op-Ed Anyone can create a cryptocurrency. It’s a surprisingly simple process, especially if you copy the codebase of an existing coin and give it a new name. That’s how many of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as litecoin were born. But creating a cryptocurrency and mining the genesis block isn’t (more…)

Trading Tip `The Wall´ – Did Ripple Almost Dethrone Bitcoin “Using This One Simple Trick”?

Op-Ed 2017 was the year cryptocurrency speculation went mainstream, which is something many bitcoiners have been yearning to happen for years. But going mainstream means that the market is no longer dominated by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and until Wall Street steps in, we’re simply going to have to accept that mainstream (more…)

Cryptocurrency Valuations Have Created Very Wealthy Founders

Finance Bitcoin has been on a tear for well over a year now, but a few other cryptocurrencies have increased in value far more than BTC. This past week the two digital assets ripple (XRP) and ethereum (ETH) have spiked in value exponentially, making the founders of these projects some (more…)

We’ve Come A Long Way – Bitcoin Block Zero Was Born Nine Years Ago Today

Op-Ed On this day nine years ago, quietly, bitcoin and its blockchain network were birthed with block zero, the Genesis Block. Without government permission or wealthy backers, it has generated a quarter trillion in value. In combination with the resultant industry it spawned, comprising thousands of alternatives, cryptocurrency is a (more…)

It’s Time to Change the Way We Measure Bitcoin

Op-Ed With BTC/USD now running into five figures – seven if you include decimal points – bitcoin has become unwieldy. It’s time to consider alternative ways of measuring the cryptocurrency, especially when dealing with fractions of a coin. The average layperson can quote the price of 1 BTC, give or (more…)

Stablecoins 3.0 – Von Hayek’s Dream: Expert Blog

Expert Blog is Cointelegraph’s new series of articles by crypto industry leaders. It covers everything from Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to ICO regulation and investment analysis. If you want to become our guest author and get published on Cointelegraph, please send us an email at mike@cointelegraph.com. If you are under the impression (more…)

The Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 3: Bad News: Government Takes Cryptocurrency Seriously (Part2)

Featured The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations.Section 1 : The Trusted Third Party ProblemChapter 3: Trying to Undo Satoshiby Wendy McElroy Bad News: Government Takes Cryptocurrency Seriously (Chapter 3, Part 2) A dangerous legal cloud on the horizon has edged closer. On Tuesday, November 28, Senate Bill 1241 was heard (more…)

Infamous Discarded Hard Drive Holding 7,500 Bitcoins Would be Worth $80 Million Today

During the summer of 2013, while cleaning out his desk, a Welsh man named James Howells threw away a hard drive from his broken Dell Laptop. Unfortunately, he realized several months later that the drive held 7,500 Bitcoin mined back in 2009. At the time, with Bitcoin approaching and finally just exceeding (more…)

Elon Musk: I Am Not Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto

The debate on the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto promises to be a never-ending one. After a former SpaceX intern blogged that Elon Musk is probably Satoshi, Musk clarified that he is in fact not the creator of Bitcoin. Rumour mills start rolling People have speculated about Satoshi’s origins ever since Bitcoin was invented. (more…)

New All Time High – A Single Bitcoin is Now Worth $10,000

Markets and Prices Bitcoin’s price has reached $10,000 USD per BTC across global exchanges, and bitcoiners everywhere are celebrating with glee. The decentralized currency has captured the five-digit price range just a few weeks before the end of 2018. See also: 12.6M Viewers Will Hear About Bitcoin Watching The Big Bang Theory ‘If (more…)