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Korea’s Crypto Crackdown Talk Draws Backlash From Users and Politicians

More than 100,000 South Korea residents have signed petitions asking the government there to step back from any plans to close the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges. Earlier this week, the South Korean Justice Ministry announced that it was preparing legislation to close the country’s online exchanges amid a speculative boom in cryptocurrencies. That (more…)

Japanese Financial Regulator Legalizes Four New Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) has authorized the operation of four new virtual currency exchanges in the country as of early December 2017. The approved exchanges are already the second batch of companies authorized by the FSA. In late September, the agency has okayed the applications of the first batch of (more…)

Regulation Round-Up: Kenya, Ghana and Algeria Fudding and Fighting Bitcoin

Regulation Governments across Africa are striking a firm tone regarding bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, with Algeria’s congress expected to ban all cryptocurrencies, and Kenya’s central bank warning against the risks of cryptocurrency, and an advisor to Ghana’s ministry of communications describing “fear of the unknown” as the principal barrier to greater (more…)

Chicago Board Options Exchange to Launch Bitcoin Futures, Announces Specifics

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has released its new Bitcoin derivative contract specifications in late November 2017, with the product itself to be introduced in the market in the next few weeks. With the move, the exchange follows other financial institutions in introducing Bitcoin futures products. The CBOE will use the (more…)

Monetary Authority of Singapore Publishes “Guide to Digital Token Offerings”

Regulation The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has published a “guide to digital token offerings”, which seeks to elaborate upon how initial coin offerings (ICOs) will be subject to Singapore’s securities laws. The document comprises a followup to the MAS’ August 1st statement that first clarified that ICOs deemed to be (more…)