Whenever the market crashes, Warren Buffett turns to a 19th-century poem

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When the market throws him for a loop, Warren Buffett looks to poetry. No, really. The chairman and CEO of multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway today explained in his annual letter (pdf) to shareholders that some of the best market advice can be found in the words of 19th-century British Nobel laureate Rudyard Kipling. Buffett’s letter Read More

The Olympics gave us a break from the North Korea crisis. Break time is over

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The closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea will take place on Sunday. Aside from providing the usual entertainment, the games this year served another purpose: They gave the world a breather from worrying about North Korea. But, sadly, there’s little reason to think the saber-rattling and weapons tests won’t resume. North Korea, Read More

How to use your office’s chatroom without going insane

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In many workplaces, communication between individuals and teams happens through a constantly running chat tool. These tools offer exciting possibilities for real-time communication, but for many first adopters can feel something akin to an all-day meeting with no agenda, no outcomes, and required attendance. Who wants that? It’s hard to blame folks for the FOMO they Read More

Inside “reputation laundering” and the controversial report at the heart of Mueller’s latest indictment

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The latest Russia investigation indictment shines a light on a little-discussed sector of the global economy: the US and British companies that help foreign kleptocrats clean up their images. The practice is so pervasive that in anti-corruption circles, it’s been dubbed “reputation laundering.” Special counsel Robert Mueller today indicted (pdf) the Dutch lawyer Alex Van Read More

The reason African cities aren’t funding infrastructure with municipal bonds

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Cities around the world have been financing their long-term investment needs through municipal bonds for centuries. The first recorded transaction occurred in Genoa in 1150. More recently, in the US, over $111 billion were issued in November and December last year for infrastructure, pension obligations and other critical needs across the country. A bond is Read More

“I am in Love with LOVE!” Russian trolls tried to seem like normal Americans by quoting the Bible, Shakira, and others

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At the height of the 2016 American presidential campaign, Russian propagandists used Twitter accounts to spread conspiracy theories, misinformation, and political division. That and other shady online activity led Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating foreign interference in the election, to indict 13 Russian nationals. Before the campaign though, these fake accounts eased into their Read More

Get ready for a less colorful Lunar New Year in China

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The Chinese government is cracking down on fireworks. In an effort to curb pollution, China has banned fireworks in over 440 cities, including Beijing, since last year. This could have a huge effect on Lunar New Year celebrations, where fireworks play an integral part in the festivities. Traditionally, firecrackers and fireworks are set off in Read More