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Your Stupidity, Your Responsibility

Op-Ed One way of looking at the title of this article is that I am proposing a harsh world in which fools are triumphantly preyed upon by unabashed predators, but another way of looking at it is that creativity cannot occur in an environment in which stupidity is restrained.  Also read: Japan (more…)

“Chinese Ethereum” NEO Drops After Investor Relations Disaster

Altcoins Investor relations management is a crucial part of the operations of any business whose assets are traded by the public. In the growing crypto world, ventures are still learning this the hard way, as NEO’s recent investor relations disaster demonstrates. Also Read: Exchanges Suspend USDT Transactions After $30 Million Tether (more…)

Coinbase Announce Cryptocurrency Custodianship as Institutional Money Floods In

Markets and Prices It’s hard to keep pace with the spate of stories surrounding institutional support for bitcoin right now. From futures contracts to bitcoin trading desks, big money is pouring into cryptocurrency. Coinbase have thrust their weight behind the growing movement, announcing a digital custody custodianship for institutions amidst (more…)

Stitch Fix’s highly anticipated IPO was ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After announcing its long-awaited IPO in October, Stitch Fix officially began trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange Friday (Nov. 17). It wasn’t exactly a blockbuster debut. Shares did pop a bit, opening at $16.90 apiece, slightly above the $15 it had priced at, and jumped around above $17 through the morning. But (more…)

Disney just performed an old Jedi mind trick on Wall Street

These are not the figures you’re looking for. Move along. Disney just posted its fourth-quarter earnings, and they were rough. The company missed Wall Street’s expectations, posting revenue of $12.7 billion, below the $13.15 billion analysts had estimated. Initially, Disney’s stock price dropped from its close of $102 to roughly $99 in (more…)

Bitcoin’s Path to the Moon Draws Closer Breaking $7K New All Time High

Markets and Prices Bitcoin has reached yet another price milestone as the digital asset has surpassed $7K per BTC on November 2. The decentralized currency has exceeded many expectations this year and continues to rise into 2018.   Also read: Considering Bitcoin An Asset Could Set Back Adoption in Israel The Price of (more…)