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The official Harry Potter universe was fooled by fake news about wizarding

When it comes to making a buck or a pound, the beneficiaries of the Harry Potter franchise leave no magical stone unturned. But the universe of the beloved wizarding series, with its spin-off play, textbook, and movies, has gotten so big, gatekeepers are starting to make mistakes about its own lore. (more…)

Cameroon has restricted internet access for more than 150 days in 2017

For almost two months now, Cameroon’s government has restricted access to social media and messaging apps in its Anglophone regions, adding to the already simmering tensions in the country. The current two-month cutoff is the second prolonged restriction in 2017: there was a 93-day, complete internet shutdown that lasted from January to (more…)

Finally, a source for hyper-bipartisan clickbait

* FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE * LEBANON, KANSAS, Nov. 19, 2017—From the geographical and arguably spiritual center of the United States comes a new publication, DEFINITIVE FACTS, founded with a mission to serve Americans with “clickbait for the radical moderate.” “Most news sites that operate purely to generate clicks are really one-sided,” said Editor-in-Chief (more…)

The day I quit journalism

I was frustrated by newspapers’ glacial transition to the web. Now I wish we could turn back the clock. It was the summer of 2005, and I was a new college grad filled with anticipation and glee as I packed for the long trip from my childhood hometown to my brilliant, prosperous, (more…)

Today’s biggest threat to democracy isn’t fake news—it’s selective facts

There are two contrasting stories that vividly show the benefits and downsides of illegal immigration in America: that of the immigrants who are making the country a better, more inclusive place, and those who are destroying the cultural values on which the US is predicated. During the 2016 US presidential election, Democrats (more…)

It’s better to understand something than to know it

“Knowing” and “understanding” are related concepts, but they’re not the same. Each is a distinct mental state involving cognitive grasp: Knowing is static, referring to discrete facts, while understanding is active, describing the ability to analyze and place those facts in context to form a big picture. Without knowledge, understanding is impossible. (more…)

Facebook’s global policy head says there is “no silver bullet” for fake news

Facebook is under a lot of pressure to fight fake news. But Monika Bickert, the head of global policy and counter-terrorism at Facebook, said on Thursday that there is “no silver bullet” for combatting the phenomenon. “We don’t want false news on Facebook,” Bickert, whose job includes grappling with the most difficult (more…)

Facebook ended a test to fight fake news that called real news fake

Facebook is stumbling in its efforts to combat the scourge of modern day politics which it helped create. Its latest attempt to fight fake news handed over the power to users, which resulted in posts from legitimate news organizations getting effectively labeled as fake. The test, which the company just ended, prioritized (more…)

Wole Soyinka is worried about the threat of fake news but thinks technology will still help us

Johannesburg Wole Soyinka does not tweet or Facebook, and yet still finds quotes and posts attributed to him all over the internet. The chaos the internet has brought is both a source of creative expression and political oppression, he says. At 83, Africa’s first Nobel laureate for literature, has seen just how information (more…)