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Today’s biggest threat to democracy isn’t fake news—it’s selective facts

There are two contrasting stories that vividly show the benefits and downsides of illegal immigration in America: that of the immigrants who are making the country a better, more inclusive place, and those who are destroying the cultural values on which the US is predicated. During the 2016 US presidential election, Democrats (more…)

It’s better to understand something than to know it

“Knowing” and “understanding” are related concepts, but they’re not the same. Each is a distinct mental state involving cognitive grasp: Knowing is static, referring to discrete facts, while understanding is active, describing the ability to analyze and place those facts in context to form a big picture. Without knowledge, understanding is impossible. (more…)

The titans of AI are getting their work double-checked by students

We trust in science because we can verify the accuracy of its claims. We test and verify that accuracy by repeating the scientist’s original experiments. What happens when those tests fail, particularly in a field that has the potential to create billions of dollars of revenue? In 2016, Nature surveyed more than 1,500 (more…)