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Central Bank of Indonesia Warns Against All Cryptocurrency Use, Cites High Risk

Bank Indonesia issued a press release on Jan. 13, warning its citizens against the use of selling, buying or trading cryptocurrency and reiterating that virtual currency is not legitimate within Indonesia. This statement comes after the September reassertion that Bank Indonesia will not accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment, leading to the voluntary (more…)

Russia Drafts Bill to Legalize Cryptocurrency Trading on Approved Exchanges

Regulation The Russian Ministry of Finance is drafting a bill to legalize cryptocurrency trading at approved exchanges. The ministry is already preparing a list of approved trading platforms. Also read: Russian Regulators Draft Law to Restrict Crypto Mining, Payments, and Token Sales Some Exchanges Will be Legalized Alexei Moiseev. The Russian Deputy Finance Minister Alexei (more…)

China on a Blockchain? Maybe in 2018

Chun Yin Cheung is a partner in PwC China’s risk assurance practice, based in the Shanghai office, and a committee member of VeChain Foundation. The following article is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2017 in Review, and represents the author’s personal view, not necessarily the opinions of his employer. In 2018, I forecast China will surprise the (more…)

A Central Bank Cryptocurrency? Not in 2018

JP Koning is an avid blogger covering monetary economics and the history of money on his blog Moneyness.  The following article is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2017 in Review. Central banks may be the 800-pound gorillas of the financial universe, but they have largely kept their hands off of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, preferring to (more…)

Azerbaijan Rejects Crypto as Means of Payment

Emerging Markets The chairman of Azerbaijan’s Central Bank (CBA), Elman Rustamov, has described the nation’s position regarding cryptocurrencies as ‘conservative’ according to local reports. Mr. Rustamov stated that the CBA does not recognize cryptocurrencies as a legitimate means of payment and that the central bank intends to develop a “legislative (more…)

US Federal Reserve Has No Plans to Introduce Digital Currencies, Says San Francisco Fed President

San Francisco Federal Reserve (Fed) President John Williams has claimed that there is no official plan by the Fed to issue a digital currency anytime soon. However, he did announce an ongoing study on the possibility of doing so in the future. During a question-and-answer session following his speech in Phoenix, in (more…)

Dilemma for Ukrainian Regulators: Bitcoins Cannot Be Recognized as Money, Legal Tender, Currency or Securities

Regulation A joint statement between the Ukrainian central bank and the country’s top financial regulators shows that existing legal concepts do not apply to cryptocurrencies. For example, they cannot be recognized as money, legal tender, currency or securities. Also read: ‘No Regulation Needed’ – Moscow Stock Exchange Plans to Trade Bitcoin Futures Crypto (more…)

India’s Bitcoin Fever Sees Trade Volumes and Exchange Sign-ups Spike

Emerging Markets Bitcoin is trending in India as the decentralized currency reached new price highs this week. According to multiple reports, the country’s top exchanges Zebpay, Coinsecure, Unocoin, and Bitxoxo are seeing unprecedented user sign-ups and massive trade volumes. Also read: Bitcoin in India: ‘The Best Form of Money the Human Race (more…)