Blockchain Start-Up To Help Public Own And Monetize Their Data

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A Blockchain-driven data exchange is warning that internet users are being “economically disenfranchised” by data brokers to the tune of thousands of dollars a year, and plans to create a self-sovereign wallet that puts the public back in control of their personal information. Datawallet plans to help the public own and monetize their data, allowing Read More

No, Visa Doesn’t Handle 24,000 TPS and Neither Does Your Pet Blockchain

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Blockchain When it comes to measuring the speed of new blockchains, the comparison is always with Visa. Despite not being a blockchain, the 24,000 transactions per second Visa reportedly handles have attained mythical status. That figure is unquestioningly trotted out whenever scaling is discussed. In reality, claims of Visa’s throughput, as well as those of Read More

IBM And Major Banks Blockchain Partnership Reports First Live Pilot Transactions

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IBM’s partnership with international banks to develop a Blockchain trade finance platform called Batavia has resulted in the platform’s first live pilot transactions, according to a press release published today, April 19. IBM, the Bank of Montreal (BMO), CaixaBank, Commerzbank, Erste Group, and the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) began work on the initiative last Read More

Marsh Insurance Firm Partners With IBM To Apply Blockchain For Proof Of Insurance

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Marsh, a global insurance brokerage and risk management firm, announced the first commercial Blockchain solution for proof of insurance, Business Wire reported April 16. With this application of Blockchain technology, Marsh aims to transfigure the certificate of insurance process “from complicated and manual to streamlined and transparent”. This will reportedly allow customers to improve business Read More

Tim Draper: “Everybody Wants to Leave California”

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Cointelegraph had a chance to talk to Tim Draper, American venture capital investor and businessman, founder of Draper University for entrepreneurs as well as Draper Associates, a VC firm that invested in Tesla, Skype, Baidu, and many other companies. Tim Draper has been involved in different crypto projects, from the purchase of seized Bitcoins from Read More

Co-Working Space “House of Blockchain” Launches In Liechtenstein

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Image: Liechtenstein, Pixabay A new co-working space has been launched in Liechtenstein to support blockchain startups. House of Blockchain is an initiative of Aeternity, an open source, blockchain-based distributed computer platform, and aims to attract blockchain-focused businesses that are looking to scale. House of Blockchain will support teams and startups developing decentralized applications with guidance Read More

The crypto world is not happy with Deepak Chopra

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The ethereum world is in a tizzy over Deepak Chopra. The author and spiritual leader, who is also widely mocked for making pseudo-scientific claims, was promoted on Twitter yesterday as a speaker at a big crypto conference called Ethereal that will be held in New York next month. Ethereal Summit Speaker Spotlight – Deepak Chopra Read More

Alpha Release Of A Blockchain Startup To Test New Trading Strategies

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A Blockchain based startup released the first version of its automated trading platform. According to the founders, almost 100 new members join the project’s Telegram channel every day. Kryll’s demo was launched at the beginning of March 2018. Although the company had been planning to release much later, the founders wanted to give users Read More

Blockchain Trading Network Promises Low Fees And Instant Trades On Financial Assets

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An established and regulated broker is launching a Blockchain-based trading network which allows users to trade any financial asset around the world. ThinkMarkets, the parent company behind the upcoming TradeConnect platform, plans to “democratize” the industry by enabling trades to be settled in seconds rather than days. The intellectual property, development resources and trading infrastructure Read More

Lightning Labs Chief: We’re Entering a ‘Bitcoin, not Blockchain’ World

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Advertisement Join our community of 10 000 traders on for just $39 per month. The tables have turned on bitcoin doomsayers. This according to Elizabeth Stark, co-founder of Lightning Labs in a conversation with Yahoo Finance The Final Round. In a turn of events, cryptocurrencies have begun to steal the show again away from Read More