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Bitcoin Gold Price Spike

Bitcoin Gold price spiked this weekend on no particular news or additional information, prompting questions about the sustainability of this recent price increase. Reports have surfaced calling the activity this weekend a pump and dump scheme. Trading volume exceeded $1,000 million USD, topping Bitcoin Cash trading volumes for the last 24 (more…)

Interview With Mark Bern

Mark Bern is a prominent digital artist who started using Bitcoin to sell his artwork in 2012. Bern got started with his digital art projects using a Comodore 64, and has been progressing into 3-D printed art and more ever since. Here is our interview with this tech savvy artist.  Bitcoin Chaser: (more…)

The CEDEX – IDEX Partnership

CEDEX is well positioning to be a lucrative investment opportunity in the financial market. As the first ever Certified Blockchain based diamond exchange, CEDEX is aiming to revolutionize the way diamonds are bought and sold on the market and, in turn, create an entirely new asset class which is accessible to (more…)

Estonia Will Begin To Tokenize Enterprises Through The G-Global Business Portal Consulting Marketplace

The meeting in Silicon Valley led to the collaboration of the G-Global Business Portal and the Nobel laureate in economics, Professor Alvin Roth. Mikhail Korb, the Secretary-General of the Center Party of Estonia expressed interest in the project. During the meeting, the parties discussed the development of the Estonian economy in the direction (more…)