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Bitcoin Establishes A New 2018 Low

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It was only in October 2017 that the crypto-world watched with excitement as bitcoin finally surpassed the $5,000 USD mark and began its race towards it’s all-time high of $19,535.70 USD on December 17, 2017. However, it now seems set to do the exact opposite, having hit this year’s record low at $5,892 USD earlier Read More

AMRECs Clean Energy Is Powering Crypto

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AMREC is an American based renewable energy corporation seeking to innovate and reinvent the way we use energy-related by-products. Some of the cheapest countries worldwide have come out to say they do not believe in the power of powering blockchain, banning mining or crypto in itself. China has made multiple attempts to limit the livelihood Read More

$32 Million USD Lost In Bithumb Hack

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The latest announcement by Seoul-based cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb says that it has been hacked. The hackers stole $32 million USD worth of coins. The hack took place between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The exchange suspended coin deposits and withdrawals as soon as it noticed the heist, announcing that it will cover user coins stolen Read More

Moscow Hosted Twelfth Russian Gaming Week

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On June 7-8, an international exhibition-forum Russian Gaming Week 2018 organized by Smile-Expo took place. The event was held for the twelfth time; it was the largest specialized exhibition across the CIS and one of the most popular gambling conferences in Russia. Each year, RGW attracts more and more foreign participants from the CIS, Europe Read More

What is the Correlation Between Bitcoin Mining Hash Rate and Price?

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When the bulls are running, everyone is happy. Bears are easily dismissed, and profit is easily found. Once the situation changes, bears get their “I told you so” moment, and bulls are left to find a solution to their over-capacity. Bitcoin mining seems to buck the trend when bear markets hit. It seems hash rates Read More

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Sportsbooks

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The explosion of cryptocurrency has wholly modernized and transformed online betting to the point where it is fast becoming the preferred sports betting currency. It seems that more and more people are seeking out the use of cryptocurrency to have a better and more varied gaming experience. Therefore, we have decided to highlight the advantages Read More

Will Azerbaijan Become a New Cryptocurrency Harbor? Find Out at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku

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On September 27, the first large-scale Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku, dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs will start in Azerbaijan. Its participants will include well-known specialists and gurus of the cryptocurrency market, developers, entrepreneurs, representatives of payment systems, foreign experts. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Promotion Despite the growing demand for cryptocurrencies in 2017, Azerbaijan does Read More

Bitcoin Will Not Crash The Internet Any Time Soon

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Mainstream media outlets are picking up on a recent report from the Bank for International Settlements – BIS. The report is unsurprisingly harsh on Bitcoin, but many of its findings are biased. In many instances, the BIS wants to have its cake and eat it. In other instances, it just ignores the most recent developments. Read More

Misconceptions About Bitcoin Mining Energy Consumption

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The more mining power there is on the Bitcoin blockchain, coming from diverse sources, the less that chain is vulnerable to certain kind of attacks. Nevertheless, security comes at an expense – in the case of Bitcoin it is energy usage. Bitcoin mining energy consumption is currently using up as much energy as Chile according Read More