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Conn3x’s A.I, Blockchain software and technology is changing the way we identify, send payments and arrange appointments with freelancing, Network Marketing and Service Providers for new and exciting projects that demand a new protocol of outsourcing and service delivery.

Conn3x combines, A.I, Blockchain, Project Portals and self-employed people across the Decentralized World Wide Web to deliver intelligent software that will assist in finding new projects for you to work on, finding suitable employees for you to engage with, writing your job applications and arranging appointments through their soon to be live Video Encrypted Software. This will all be done through an Artificial Intelligence software by the name of James, he will be sorting everything out for you as an employee or employer.

Conn3x will achieve this by combining 3 main elements, the first, being their X11 Blockchain Coin, which can be mined, to directly promote the speed and stability of the network. The second, is a decentralized platform with P2P (Person to Person) payment integration, which supports smart contracts. Finally, third is an application to tie it all together that features a multi-dimensional Blockchain Database.

The Benefits of the Conn3x Platform for Employees and Employers

Conn3x boasts about their decentralized payment unit – The “Conn3x Coin” and the user database that is based on the X11 algorithm, which supports smart contracts.

Interacting with this new ground-breaking software will benefit companies and applicants by allowing users to

  •     Manage their profiles
  •     Adjust privacy settings in the UI (user Interface)
  •     And finally, it will allow users to be as anonymous as the user wants it to be.

This new system will promote cheaper payment structures than that of current alternatives.

Users will experience a new, resourceful time management application tied in with powerful A.I learning based technology in this up and coming decentralized job world.

Conn3x features an innovative Reward Pool that will provide a steady income stream with a strategic risk desertification functionality

Creating a strong, steady income stream that will outlast the life of the ICO is one of the most powerful tools any ICO of 2018 can incorporate into their business model. The Conn3x team has developed 3 “Reward Pool” income streams that have already been incorporated into their long-term functionality.

Algorithm Mining

Using their A.I integrated software by renting hashrate from their list of over 100+ mining pools at peak profit mining times will ensure that Conn3x maximizes long term monthly profit by using their custom software to monitor mining pools, then renting hashrate accordingly.

Cooperate Coins and ICOs

By investing funds into coins such as Civic; Bankera and Sophia Tx, Conn3x will be able to monitor the market and move funds into coins raising in value, creating monthly profit and investment opportunities across ICOs and created coins with an economy circulating and growing around them.

Cash Loans for Blockchain Startups

Conn3x understands that some blockchain companies, no matter how small have a powerful vision and potential into the current growing market, by providing Blockchain startups with initial cash loans to help develop their own ICO, Conn3x can capitalize and generate additional income on funds they have already acquired.

The best part is that contributors taking part in the ICO will also be able to benefit from Conn3x’s long term remuneration plan, take a look at the diagram provided below by Conn3x for informational purposes.

Their ICO Affiliate and Referral Program

Conn3x is serious about getting the word across to the world about their product, to do so, they have set up a credible affiliate and referral program to outsource any and all parties that would be able to promote their A.I software and ICO event using promotional material.

This program is available to everyone, by using tracking tools to record their ICO contribution sources and click throughs, Conn3x is able to allow influencers who have communities around them, either via a website, email campaign or Telegram/Slack groups to be accurately rewarded for positive contribution traffic that is brought to their site and decentralized blockchain application.

To join the program, you need only to contribute to their whitelist or actually join the program via an existing affiliate partner or referral link.


When compared to the competition, Conn3x stands out above the rest of the world, with a working product and solid whitepaper they are prepared to raise and sustain themselves as a blockchain company that will connect employees and employers in a unique A.I, decentralized, P2P platform method that has never been introduced to the market before.

Complete with a long-term sustainability business model and rocksteady affiliate and referral program, it should go as no surprise, Conn3x is going to change the way we outsource freelancing, Network marketing and service providers for the better in the upcoming months.

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