SynchFab ICO

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SynchFab ico

SynchFab is aiming to connnect buyers directly to hardware manufacturers through blockchain

Pre-Sale starts Noveber 15, 2017

Problems facing the manufacturing industry include the exclusion of small buisnesses at the expense of innovators; outdated technology; a lack of accessibility for buyers to find the right manufaturer, and little to no IP protection, leaving buisnesses vulerable to security breaches.

The SynchFab blockchain solution aims to eliminate middlemen, promote small buisnesses, incentivine the working class, and promote innovators and industry technology.

SynchFab ICO Information

Token Symbol MFG
Pre-Sale November 15, 2017
Rate 1 ETH = 1,000 MFG
Goal 160,000 ETH
Accepted Payment Method Ethereum

SynchFab Token Allocation

Partership Adoption Pool 30%
Public Market 30%
Founders, Advisors, Bounty 10%
SynchFab (Tech Development) 15%
Smart MFG Tech (Ecosystem Health) 15%

SynchFab Token Sale Bonus Structure

First 2,250 ETH 1 ETH = 1,250 MFG
25% Presale Bonys
Second 2,250 ETH 1 ETH = 1,200 MFG
20% Presale Bonys
Following 10,500 ETH 1 ETH = 1,150 MFG
15% Presale Bonus
The next 70,500 ETH 1 ETH = 1,100 MFG
10% Presale Bonus

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