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Friends, we are pleased to inform you that we are inviting ICOs and start-ups targeting the B2C market for a joint strategy in the framework of global competition. This partnership is proposed with the aim of providing better services to customers by combining our efforts.

For all B2B partners of LevelNet, we offer free use of our service capabilities.

The following companies have already joined us:



ICO Promo


Olshansky & Partners



Start Engine

Lemon Digital



MicroMoney is a decentralized microfinancial platform for lending to clients. Together with MicroMoney, our goal is to provide reliable protection for MM users and infrastructure from the vulnerability of the financial sector to cyber attacks.

Together with decentralized marketing platform HOQU, our main task is to ensure the security of the infrastructure and users, making transactions as reliable as possible.

Wings – crowdfunding DAO-platform for evaluation and financing of blockchain. Chronobank is a blockchain project aimed at the development of HR and financial spheres. Understanding attractiveness of financial sphere for cyber criminals we help our partners and their users to ensure reliable data protection,

We have joined forces with these companies to get common advantage in global competition and achieve high goals in scaling the infrastructure.

Many projects on the ICO market are focused on mutual competition, and our idea is to conclude strategic cooperation agreements with start-ups. This will unite customers of our companies into a single global community and expand the ecosystem, providing users with more functional and, at the same time, better protected products on the services market by integrating our platforms solutions.

levelnet ceo

levelnet ceo

Pavel Shkliaev , CEO and founder of LevelNet

“Today, the cryptocurrency market opens up opportunities for start-ups to work on global markets, it is a great chance for joint achievements and a step into the future for uniting and providing the best service. I do encourage all start-ups to unite their efforts and create an ecosystem at the very beginning of the way,” explains Pavel Shkliaev, CEO and founder of LevelNet.

We offer our users an inexpensive, efficient and easy-to-use solution to provide real-time reliable protection. LevelNet is an innovative, decentralized platform for ensuring cyber security. Our platform integrates relevant data from several sources – information security platforms and antivirus software. All incidents and realized threats are recorded in a distributed security database and information is transferred to other users, thus preventing further attacks.

We invite start-ups to join our partners community to jointly develop the ecosystem and create a powerful competitive community in a global market economy.

In addition, we are conducting the second stage of our ICO (public sale) in order to attract new members to our community and we invite everyone to join!

For more information, visit https://levelnet.co/

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