ASEAN Blockchain Summit 2018

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blockahin asean summit

blockahin asean summit

As part of WBS World Tour 2018, Global Blockchain Foundation (GBF) is in process of building deep integration with 50+ leading & emerging markets in the space of Blockchain, DLT & tokenomics space. For the same, GBF is hosting ASEAN Blockchain Summit [ABS] 2018 – GBF’s Flagship Cluster Event for ASEAN Region including Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong as part of World Blockchain Summit 2018.

Asean Blockchain Summit 2018 Highlights

1. Key Note Sessions

2. Fire Side Chat & Panel Discussions

3. Use Cases: Demonstrations

4. Blockchain Project Launch

5. Business Plan Competition

6. Government Meet & Deliberations

7. Networking Luncheon

8. Recognition & Awards Experience Zone – Startups

9. Paper Presentations Expert Sessions & Workshops

10. Blockchain Meet 20+ Sectors

11. Blockchain Academia Meet

12. Investors Meet

13. Dinner & Cocktail

14. ICO & Product Launch

15. Future of Tokenomy

Industries Represented at KBS 2018

1. Aviation

2. Govtech

3. Telecom

4. Education

5. Healthtech

6. Banking Financial Oil and Gas

7. Services and Insurance

8. Travel & Tourism

9. Supply Chain

10. Fintech Public Distribution

11. Logistics

12. Infrastructure & Real Estate

13. Shipping

14. … And Many More

About GBF: GBF is a leading Non-for-Profit social impact organization established with the global vision to build a strong sustainable Blockchain, DLT & tokenomic community through international cooperation. We are delighted to inform you that World Blockchain Summit 2018 being our spearhead initiative, we are officially organizing World Blockchain Summit 2018 from 1st to 5th October 2018 in India.

For more information about the Asean Blockchain Summit, please visit https://www.gbf.world/abs

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