Ripple CEO about why XRP is better than BTC: “This is 1000 times faster and cheaper”


Change the company behind XRP, it has positioned itself over the last few months as one of the most important companies for the cryptosystem, and the whole chain of technology of the block chain. The last few weeks have been fantastic for the assessment of their token, which even surpassed Ethereum (ETH) and became for some time the second most important cryptocurrency in the world market, a situation in which the team operates quite well, demonstrating that they are not satisfied by anything except the greatest success.

The discussion about what will be the next king of crypto has always existed since then, as Aldini began to gain popularity. One of the preferred tactics among the personalities behind the most famous aldolase, always was comparing the speed of the transaction and token.


XRP faster, cheaper … and more decentralized than bitcoin (BTC)

During the conference Ripple”s Swell, held this week in San Francisco, Mt. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple Labs, has joined the list of people who compare their preferred altmin with Bitcoin. According to interviews conducted Cheddar , Mr. Garlinghouse believes that the rate of subsidence and low cost make XRP best option in the ecosystem.

“I really don’t think about the price. I really think about the specifications. And I think that XRP is about 1000 times faster Bitcoin transactions and about 1,000 times cheaper than Bitcoin transactions. XRP has demonstrated that it is the most effective digital asset for solving problems with the payments.”

Mr. arlinghaus not the first promoter Aldona, who used this form of advertising. Other important personalities also compared their preferred Altcoins with certain isolated aspects of Bitcoin, in order to convince the public to accept this technology. In this list there are characters Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cash Altcoin promoter; the Promoter Cardano Charles Hoskinson and Ben Doernberg Dahakon.

Similarly, the Ripple team is determined to clean up your business image, highlighting that the block chain Ripple is not centralized, but in recent days they have taken their efforts a little further, even commenting that bitcoin is more centralized than Ripple .

XRP: does It really matter?

It is also important to note that Ripple recently announced that xRapid, one of its flagship products, is now available for commercial use and already implemented by several banks, with proven reliability.

Criptive community received this announcement with positivism, however, the fact that “is better than BTC or not,” apparently does not cause anxiety in users. For many XRP bridges the gap between traditional and disruptive technologies. So is the case with the “boogieman” ZET Fund, which commented:

It is clear that this cryptocurrency for banks. Imho, there is a large market for such technologies, and it is already in use. And it will grow many times. The people criticizing XRP, just want it for the banks. Though the masses never learn about crypto without this step, XRP takes. The world is not going to use a cryptogram, tomorrow, tomorrow, they will use XRP, and next week they will learn about the power of cryptography and leave banks. This change never happens in one day, and XRP is the middle step in this long journey.