Despite the falling price of Ethereum, ICO managed to do even on investment

The initial offering of coins (ICO). Despite the fact that during a break in the exchange rate market began the proposal to send coins in one week the field was slandered and praised the next, study popular trading platform cryptanalytic. BitMEX says that the ICO was able to achieve breakeven in respect of the expenses and income.

Based in Hong Kong, BitMEX showed on Monday the data from their current studies, in which he found the projects on the initial issue of coins, in General, brought almost the same income as they had received during rounds of fundraising. A study using analytical firm TokenAnalyst, showed positive news for the industry, the ICO, despite the massive decline in prices for Ethereum and the General streptomycete. For 2018, the study reported that ICOs has accumulated 93 million dollars of unrealized profit and net profit close to 727 million dollars. The study summarizes this conclusion, stating that although the price of ether has fallen sharply to its highest level early in the year to the current valuation of the coins is $ 228 USD. USA, the current price was sufficient to obtain benefits for projects of ICO and not to loss, as it was assumed by most in the industry

“Instead of having to suffer from the recent fall in the value of Ethereum, on the macro level, projects seem to have already sold almost as many Ethereum, how much they raised (in dollar terms) … From Ethereum, still supported by projects even if the current (approximate) price of 230 dollars, the project is still sitting on unrealized gains, not losses.”

BitMEX study contrasts with the report issued in September by the analytical firm Diar, where it was found that 70 percent of projects the initial placement of coins currently valued less than what was raised during the ICO, representing waste for long-term investors, and for providing a less convincing picture of the state of health of the industry.

According to the report Diar published September 24,

“Outside the top 100 cryptovolans traded, there is a deficit of $ 5 billion against the total amount received during the ICO, 562 tokens with reliable information about their fundraising … 7 of the 10 tokens that sit below the screen, have estimates which are now under their original promotion.”

While ICO is not completely tied to the price of ether, the token-based ERC-20 was the basic building block for most projects, the original coins that came out last year. In addition, most ICO has limited the sale of tokens by purchases made in the air. Effect over the past year was two-fold: the number of ICO projects failed to take off from the simplicity of creating new coins in Ethereum, and the price of Ether has also benefited from increased demand. As more projects ICO comes to the seen, and the ICO investors enter the space of cryptocurrency, Ethereum is still in great demand as the currency for conducting such exchanges.

However, as the price of the cryptocurrency continues to slip within 2018 rating Ethereum also decreased, which led to the fact that the previous projects ICO and those who are in the process of raising funds have become less reliable investment. Reduced demand for Air in addition to the reduction of interest and / or oversaturation of the market ICO led to the subsequent decline in the rating Ethereum, which was excessive even for a bear market in 2018.