NEM (XEM) shows double-digit gains as the market leader in cryptography [XRP, Stellar, Ethereum] Slow Down

The beginning of the week for the market of virtual assets is slower with few exceptions, as sellers bulls tank from the previous seven-day duties. Because the Ethereum team World News covers part of the related price changes around the crypto-verse, predicting the result of different coins was a huge huge tangible benefits.

One of them is RRPLE XRP, which doubled its value against the greenback for several days. Leading coins, including Ethereum [ETH] bitcoin [BTC], followed a bullish swing XRP, but at the end of the week have returned to their previous tournament. Pair of XRP / USD on 25 September changed hands at 0,4300 of the dollar, and is now teetering at $ 0,5600.

NEM — XEM / USD Today’s winner

17th largest coin by market capitalization NEM has reached the level of $ 0.1100, increasing its value against the US dollar by 11,20% in the last 24 hours. This level not seen him HODLers since strict sales, which occurred in early September. Like other tokens that have already established a pretty good recovery steps, it can look very positive for XEM / USD forward.


Source: coinmarketcap — Monthly performance

— At the end of August NetCents platform processing online payments and a new generation of consumers and sellers, has announced about adding the following five digital assets to your Merchants Gateway. One of them is NEM. This addition is the result of the upcoming partnership and trade requests in the firm.
  • The top (XVG)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • ZenCash (ZEN)
  • Bitcoin cash (BCH)
  • NEM (XEM)

“By adding these new coins at the Merchant Gateway we provide to our sellers and partners more flexibility and control over how they take payments for the cryptocurrency from its customers. Our goal is to facilitate cryptanalytical as a daily transactional currency. Providing our traders access to coins that they wish to take, we hope to facilitate wider adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment method “- the General Director Clayton Moore

— After the launch of the largest centre in Asia Blockchain NEM (XEM), which is the blockchain technology, which provides industry-leading transaction rates for internal accounting books in the same month announced the launch of two bakhanovich hubs in Australia and New Zealand with collisional the amount of $ 100 million AUD.