How institutional investors can accumulate Bitcoin (BTC)

Perhaps the best quote from the “Buffet”?

One of the famous quotes of Warren Buffett repeatedly taken the investment community and applied to other types of investment outside of the financial world. This tatatatatata that indicate the following:

It is advisable to afraid when others are greedy and greedy when others are afraid.

Are company wall street greedy when we are afraid?

This quote Warren Buffett can summarize the fact that many crypto-enthusiasts and traders suspect from the beginning of September: institutional investors from wall street to buy bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets Over The Counter (OTC) in a process that is usually not reported in our usual cryptomonad and / or our favorite web site tracking

It’s part of the current phase of accumulation

After each bear market or downtrend, usually occurs accumulation phase where the market action is virtually absent. The last few days were the same on cryptographic markets. Perhaps what make many of these institutional investors, buying or placing orders for the purchase to Bitcoin, when the others sitting around all individual traders are either completely lost hope or even obnalichniki.

Time will tell

Many capturadora suggested that cryptonia markets should be stable in October, which led to the launch Bakkt in November. This is due to the fact that crypto community does not expect any bad news during this time period. The long-awaited decision Botkina for the ETF was once again delayed the expected date of the next SEC ads at the end of December.

What do you think about current market activity? Do you believe that institutional investors are buying BTC, when some traders panicking? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: this article is not intended to provide financial advice. Any opinion here is purely the author’s and do not reflect the opinion of the Ethereum World News or any other writer. Consult your own research before investing in any of the many available cryptocommunist. Thank you.

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