Hong Kong Crypto Exchange BitMEX employs an outstanding regulator


Bitmex, to get a proper veteran on the background of the migration of talent

As reported by South China Morning Post , which has recently started to cover cryptographic and block-chain in Asia, Bytkowska commodity exchange, known as BitMEX for most traders in this industry, just hired one of the leading veterans in Hong Kong in a surprising turn of Events. In particular, according to the report, BitMEX hired angelina Kwan as its new chief operating officer (COO), who will immediately begin its work.

Kwan, who was named “veteran of the regulation,” reportedly will work together with other members of senior management of the exchange to establish relationships with global regulators to support business BitMEX, and, most importantly, this nascent industry as a whole.


For those of you not familiar with Quanah as you, the reader, she is a certified public account, who was head of the Executive Director and managing Director of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, the third largest platform of capital market in Asia. In addition, from 1998 to 2006, a genus of Hong Kong Kwan spent his time as Director of the Commission on securities and futures (SFC), is equivalent to the region of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA .

Among its appointments to the aforementioned financial giants she worked with brokerage firms such as CLSA and Reorient, a popular establishment in its part of the world. Speaking at the SCMP through a telephone interview, Kwan spoke of his foray into kriptonyte, noting:

I hope my previous experience will help in establishing a constructive dialogue with the various regulatory authorities worldwide regarding the development of regulation in the cryptocurrency industry.

But her newfound involvement in cryptography, along with BitMEX, not out of left field, because it showed that its interest in this technology was triggered in 2013 when she received Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for her consulting services to an unnamed cryptocurrency platform , In the aforementioned interview, Kwan explained that she now believes scriptactive assets, such as Bitcoin, have become much more than a trend and has turned into an interesting asset class due to the development and maturation of this industry and the technologies that support it.

Now, when she took the position at BitMEX, perhaps one of the most influential platforms with the widely used function of leverage, it expects that it will be able to initiate a conversation with “various regulatory bodies” to contribute to the development of crypto-friendly policies that continue to protect investors.

Arthur Hayes (Arthur Hayes) , CEO of BitMEX and longtime BTC bull , spoke about his new hire, who seems thrilled that Kwan will bring in a fast-paced startup. Hayes explained:

I believe that the decision of Angelina to join us — a signal that the world markets are changing the focus to the rapidly expanding domain of crypto-coins. Great experience Angelina in regulation, trading platforms, business development, restructuring and relations with investors and stakeholders will be crucial as we continue to strive to adopt cryptocurrency information and to expand our community.

In related news, Coinbase, the first cryptocurrency platform of America, has just revealed that she was attracted to Chris Dodds, a Board member of Charles Schwab, the Board of Directors of a startup in San Francisco. Although this does not mean that Dodds will work full time at Coinbase, this step testifies to the fact that the leaders of the institutional sectors, such as the Executive Director of Charles Schwab, I see great opportunities for this industry and asset class.

Dodds joins list of new employees at Coinbase, which quickly propels the firm into the headlines in cryptosphere. As reported previously, Ethereum World News, Coinbase has held leadership LinkedIn for their team of data and Analytics, the firm also showed that last year hired 250 people, bringing the staff Coinbase had up to 500 people.

In addition, the startup also launched its office in new York, which involved more than 150 people from well-known institutions such as new York stock exchange, Barclays and Citigroup, which suggests that the industry is gaining momentum even in the face of dubious market conditions.