CEO ShapeShift renamed Bitcoin-Bash in the WSJ — Crypto Community In Turmoil


According to the previous article “the Ethereum world news” , a community of cryptocurrency companies on Friday came under fire, as two journalists and journalists from the Wall Street Journal, one of the most “respected” media all over the world, deprived cryptogenic assets and the platform supporting it, according to reports, facilitating the “dirty money”.

The report , which has caused considerable controversy in cryptosphere and abroad, the journalists said that cryptonym assets were laundered not less than $ 88.6 million. The United States, and ShapeShift supposedly takes a relatively large role in these “schemes”.


According to the data (which were most likely inaccurate or excluded from the context), composed by the Duo WSJ , for performing laundering operations used 46 cryptooperation platforms, this indicated that 9% of the above figure are sent using ShapeShift, which is probably related to ease of use, accessibility and low commissions.

Despite the fact that in the original report, apparently, was rooms and proven statistical data to support their contradictory statements, CEO, ShapeShift Eric Vorhes, which in the past have talked about traditionalists, recently explained that WSJ journalists are all wrong. As the industry leader for the first time published a retraction in the hours following the published time of the report, it published a nationwide, comprehensive, refuting an article on the Average Tuesday morning.

Overall, the article contains factual inaccuracies, omits relevant information about the ShapeShift, and reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of how transactional the transaction.

Stressing that he was referring to, he first indicated that his firm worked with the WSJ under false pretences for several months. Although this is not a “no-no” in the world of journalism, so to speak, it shows that the Duo WSJ obviously had ulterior motives and is likely to have some inherent aversion to this technology that still shows promise.

Initially, as shown by Voorhees, journalists turned to ShapeShift asking for “friendly assistance in respect of kriptonyte as a whole.” For a seemingly friendly relations platform based on Monaco , not their fault, has released insider information to play well. But now, journalists allegedly used the “nondenominational remarks” and distorted statistical data to explain and further discuss their scriptactive assets and their participation in illegal activities.

Contextualizer their claims and cancelling the aforementioned report, the Director General noted that $ 9 million. US laundered money “(even if true)” would be only 0.15% of the value of processed transactions ShapeShift during the time period reported. Moreover, Juries explained that his firm has close links with international regulatory bodies as well as senior places, other stock exchanges and internal system, which must (and can) contribute to the prevention of money laundering.

And as said Wurche, — “[sad] there is no mention of this in the WSJ article”.

In short, a supporter of cryptanalytic explained that ShapeShift was designed to protect users and create a better financial system, which makes statements WSJ nothing but slander in the eyes of some. Moreover, even if the original report handed to himself in a way that seemed biased, Vorhees explained that reporters in the publication don’t understand the underlying technology cryptogenic assets, which invalidates some of the claims made in this article.

Community Backlash … Bad Move WSJ

Joseph young, senior analyst at cryptocurrency and readable cryptovirology journalist, took to Twitter to Express their views on this case a wrong interpretation, and then on distortion. Joseph, who has collected more than 80,000 devotees of cryptography on his Twitter page , he explained that, although the ShapeShift can be used for money laundering, the amount of dirty money passes through the cryptographic space, pales in comparison to money laundering and terrorism financing in traditional banks.