Australian and NZ customs will not abandon the phone and laptop passwords

Thanks to Bitcoin and veteran analyst of cryptochrome, will Wu , Ethereum World New was introduced to the new rules of the customs departments of both Australia and New Zealand. Willie Woo was first reported to kriptologii about the possibility of officials of New Zealand, requesting the password for your phone and laptop when you enter the country.

Take part in New Zealand. You have the opportunity to lead the world at large (see women’s suffrage, nuclear-free nuclear probe). Do not force the world to remove it. [Speaking as a kiwi who lives abroad. We come home only if he stays “home”.]

5 000 USD fine New Zealand

Will Wu responded to the tweet Andreas Antonopoulos, who promised never again to visit New Zealand because of politics, “Orwell”, asking visitors about passwords to their electronic devices. He replied to the email, which stated the following:

Passengers who refuse to “digital search” on the border with New Zealand (to take the laptop and phone passwords!), Now they face a fine of $ 5,000 and their electronic devices seized by New Zealand:

Digging deeper into history, Ethereum World News found out that it was not only New Zealand that has such a policy for visitors within its borders. Australia has a similar policy, which can bring you 10 years because they did not respect her. It is included in the new bill, which is going to introduce the most stringent legislation to refuse the transfer of personal data.

According to the Department of the interior of Australia, such harsh measures are necessary, as explained below:

Encryption and other forms of electronic security … used by terrorists, juvenile delinquents and criminal organizations to camouflage illegal behavior. Exploitation of modern communication technologies for illegal purposes is a serious impediment to lawful access to communications by law enforcement and national security agencies in Australia.

Australia was one country that seemed friendly cryptome, entering into a partnership with IBM to solve the blockchain and for some utilities the host country cryptoguy payment for monthly bills.

Will this affect your cryptobia stocks when visiting Australia and New Zealand?

Of particular interest to many crypto-enthusiasts is whether these new demands for reserves cryptanalyst. Using basic logic (and not legal expertise), Australia and New Zealand are unable to collect taxes from visitors who are citizens of other countries. Taxes apply only if you live and work within its borders.

The question of when the authorities of Australia and New Zealand will have access to your electronic devices if they will share your information with the authorities in the homeland?

What do you think about the new requirements for visitors to New Zealand and Australia? Perhaps removing personal apps and wallets before planning a visit is one of the ways to work with politics. Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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