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Russia’s Top 4 Business Stories This Week

1. What the FSB’s top official thinks of Russia’s conflict with the West What happened: The head of the Federal Security Service (FSB), Alexander Bortnikov, gave an interview to the state-run newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta. The occasion was the 100th anniversary of the Cheka — the Soviet secret police force which preceded the KGB (more…)

India to Pay $197 Mln for Russian-Made Precision Bombs

Grigory Sysoyev / TASS India’s Ministry of Defense has approved almost $200 million for the purchase of 240 Russian precision bombs. India is one of Russia’s largest arms buyers as New Delhi is forecast to spend a quarter-trillion U.S. dollars on upgrading its military over the next decade. Russia’s overall trade with India has (more…)

Russia Tightens Oil Grip in Top Market China

(Bloomberg) — A second Sino-Russian oil pipeline began operations on New Year’s Day, doubling China’s capacity to import crude from the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean system. China can now import 30 million tons annually (about 600,000 barrels a day) of Russian ESPO crude via pipeline, up from 15 million tons before the second branch opened, the (more…)