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ICO Regulations Round-Up: Fundraising Law, Jeju Island, Self-Directed IRAs

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In recent news pertaining to initial coin offerings (ICO) regulations, an EU report has advocated the regulation of ICOs according to crowdfunding legislation, the governor of Korea’s Jeju Island wants his jurisdiction to become a special economic zone regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and the U.S. SEC has warned consumers regarding the risks of self-directed Individual Read More

Beyond Mining: How the Cryptocurrency Craze Has Affected E-Gamers

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Graphics Processing Units (graphic cards) gained popularity in the cryptocurrency mining community due to their high processing capabilities. This trend can be traced back as far as 2013, where the adoption of graphic cards for mining both, Bitcoin and the newly popular Litecoin, caused the price of graphic cards to skyrocket. This caused a great Read More

Schnorr Signatures: What, When Why?

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The last few months have seemingly been particularly fruitful when it comes to development activity surrounding second-layer Bitcoin technologies, with recent news pointing towards great progress for both the Liquid and Lightning networks. However, recent activity from prominent Bitcoin developer Pieter Wuille looks towards a set of changes to an area of the core Bitcoin Read More

Ubex Postpones ICO Until September

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Ubex has announced that they will be extending the token sale period until no later than September 30.  Ethereum has lost a lot of ground since the Ubex Token has gone on sale and the team at Ubex have said that they want to ensure that there are sufficient funds in dollars to provide rapid Read More

An In-Depth Look at the Cryptocurrency Economy’s ‘Stablecoin’ Trend

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Back in the early days, cryptocurrency enthusiasts used to laugh at the thought of a stable cryptocurrency pegged to a specific fiat currency like the US dollar. Although nowadays things have changed and the digital currency tether (USDT) captures more cryptocurrency trade volume than most of the leading nation-state issued fiat currencies like the USD Read More

What is Momentum? – ICO Analysis

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This is an ICO project from an existing business called Mobile Bridge. This company has over 3 years of experience in this sector and has nurtured relationships with some established retailers and brands, such as Burger King, Dansk Supermarked and Volkswagen. Its new product, Momentum is a loyalty protocol which allows the creation of loyalty Read More

Today’s Close Could be Pivotal for Bitcoin’s Price

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Bitcoin’s (BTC) close today will likely decide the short-term trend in prices. The leading cryptocurrency snapped a three-day losing streak on Thursday as the 26 percent sell-off witnessed in the last three weeks was looking overstretched. What’s more important is that BTC traded yesterday within the high and low range of the previous day, indicating Read More