PR: Game Machine – First Blockchain Ecosystem Connecting Game Industry and Cryptocurrency

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Game Machine is a global open ecosystem for game-industry, based on blockchain. Game Machine unites all the participants of the market: gamers, game developers, advertisers for industry development and upgrades the game products quality.

Game Machine - Gaming Wtih Crypto

Since September, 2017 Game Machine has been creating a loyal gaming audience which generates cryptocurrency by means of the principle of Proof-of-Work. The company will hold a crowdsale from 14 December, 2017 till 31 January, 2018.

Mining platform is ready and ad platform is almost ready. They allow to communicate directly with an audience of gamers, developers and advertisers. For maintaining the infrastructure and its popularization after Game Machine blockchain start we launch:
-Game Machine Client- miner, shop of in-game items, tasks from partners and advertisers of Ads Machine;
-Game Machine Wallet- purse for carrying out transactions of cryptocurrency GMIT and later- Gamefuel;
-Rise Machine- ICO- crowdfunding platform for fund raising for game projects and releasing own tokens;
-Exchange Machine – crypto-exchange for gamers, game developers and advertisers;
-Ads Machine- ad network for a game-industry.It will allows to target on characteristics, games, desktop and mobile connection. Gamer gets awarded immediately after completing the tasks from advertisers, so this is a fair exchange between an advertiser and a gamer. Our advantage is also knowing the connection between gamers’ desktop and mobile app.It is performed with the help of the miner remote control. They also know which games users prefer and can offer a beneficial and stable partnership.

Key benefits:

  • 2 products already work
  • Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Authority principles combined
  • Profile industry advisors
  • Ecosystem for game industry with 5 products
  • 19 full-time employees
  • More than 1,000 users in our decentralised network
  • Team is established in 2013 (ex. Development agency hakk.ru)
  • Strong legal partners, compliant with EU and US
  • Growing market of game industry with $108.9B in 2017

How to earn Gamefuel

GMIT will be exchanged in proportion 1:1 on Gamefuel. It is being released for developing our own blockchain. There are a few ways to earn these currency:

  1. Mining. All of the gamers who have PCs are able to download the application and mine the currency. Then they can exchange currency on the in-game items.
  2. Completing the advertisers’ tasks. Our advertising partners will be able to give our gamers tasks like watching videos or downloading apps for awarding them with additional coins. Advertisers can pick the exact target audience for offering them their tasks.
  3. Joining the token sale. To get the Gamefuel currency anyone can join the token sale of Game Machine by going on Game Machine official site and signing in for the sale.

Token Sale

Game Machine will be offering 140 million GMIT tokens in total. The ICO is set to begin on December 14, 2017 (12:00 PM GMT) and end on January 31, 2018 (12:00 PM GMT), finally giving its supporters a chance to get in on the profit that Game Machine’s future growth will generate.

Sale is capped at 40,000 ETH. Game Machine offers bonuses for the first days of ICO, those are +15% at the first day, +10% at the second day and 5% at the third day of the token sale.

As for the distribution of tokens, 14,2 % goes for starting the ingame items withdrawals, 7,1% goes for the Game Machine team, 1,4% – for bounty program, 1,4% for advisors
and 71,4% for toke sale participants.

Development Plan Post Token Sale

-MVP Ads Machine. Connecting the adviser’s personal cabinet and Game Machine Client.

-Mobile version Game Machine Client (iOS) launch

-Gamefuel release and exchanging GMIT tokens for Gamefuel. Additional emission of Gamefuel for gamers in the beta app. Gamefuel exchange release start. Conversion of Ads Machine and Game Machine to Gamefuel.

-MVP Rise Machine.Testing of the first campaigns of resources involving  for game developers.

-Complete Ads Machine launch. API launch for developers. Creation of resources for developers and description of work with Game Machine blockchain.

And much more…

More information on the project: http://gamemachine.io/


Official Telegram Channel : https://t.me/gamemachineico

Contact Email Address: hello@gamemachine.io

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