PR: Binary.com Options Trading to Launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in q4 2017

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Binary options pioneer announces highly-anticipated launch offering digital tokens that grant dividend-linked payments through its “IPO on the Blockchain”

Binary.com Options Trading

Binary.com, the pioneer in online binary options trading, is slated to launch the company’s highly-anticipated Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to give potential investors an opportunity to invest in a “best-of-breed” type of ICO offering that provides dividend-linked payments as an integral and vital roadmap towards the company’s future. Ten million digital tokens will be made available through its ICO on November 15 through to December 25, 2017––through an open auction on Binary.com’s website.

Investors who purchase the tokens will be granted exclusive tokenholder rights. These rights entitle tokenholders to receive payments equivalent to shareholder dividends, as well as convert tokens into ordinary shares.

“The next step for our company is naturally to go public via an IPO. However, an IPO is a cumbersome process that’s remained relatively unchanged for decades. It is ripe for disruption. By opting for the ICO route, we can go beyond the limitations of a traditional IPO. We get a wider reach of potential investors, lower costs of trading and an immutable audit trail of transactions on the blockchain. Through our ICO, we will also establish our trading services among the global cryptocurrency community,” says Binary.com Founder & CEO, Jean-Yves Sireau.

“We also believe that traditional stock exchanges will gradually be replaced by blockchain exchanges in the coming decade. This ICO will give us an opportunity to establish ourselves at the forefront of blockchain innovation,” adds Sireau.

Binary.com’s ICO will be conducted through an electronic Dutch auction process on its website where the price of each token is determined through a bidding process. Again, the ICO runs November 15 – December 25, 2017.

In preparation of its ICO launch this month, Binary.com has enhanced its existing cashier system to support cryptocurrency denominated accounts that allow its clients to deposit, trade and withdraw funds in Bitcoin, Litecoin and soon, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Potential investors can bid on the tokens using these cryptocurrencies, in addition to fiat currencies such as the USD and GBP.

Binary.com has also reached an agreement to list its tokens post-ICO on the Lykke.com Exchange –– a global cryptocurrency marketplace where various financial instruments can be traded and exchanged against each other, whatever their asset class or transaction size.

The Binary.com ICO is only available to residents of selected countries. In some countries, prospective investors are required to verify their status as qualified or professional investors. The ICO is not available to U.S. investors. To learn more, visit the ICO website.

About Binary.com
Binary.com (formerly BetOnMarkets.com) is the pioneer in online binary options trading. Founded in 2000, the company set forth to make binary options easily available to retail investors worldwide. Before the emergence of Binary.com, binary options were typically traded in large quantities by large financial institutions and hedge fund firms.

In 2016, Binary.com branched into Forex and CFD trading through the adoption of the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) multi-asset trading platform. In the first half of 2017, Binary.com introduced several digital currencies to the list of tradable instruments on MT5.

For more information, please visit: https://ico.binary.com

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