Tron TRX price forecast for 2019

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Recently there have been rumors about TRON’s partnership with ChainLink, which increased the value of TRX . Even the block height increased to 8,614,366, which is 614,366 in less than 20 days. This partnership will help users get smart contracts based on real-time signals, which will make the network even more attractive.

Justin San plans to give out $ 20 million in cash as an air drop and Tesla to the winner, who in a short time gathered an amazing number of followers. Tron’s hard fork was finally launched on February 28, 2019, with Odyssey v3.5 updated, as well as with 3 TRON protocols (TIP12, TIP 16 and TIP 17). After a hard fork occurred, TRON released another update for TronGrid 2.0, which provides developers with affordable and simple ways to develop Dapps.

Justin Sun recently called TRON “ethereum killer” because TRAP Dapps dominated the decentralized applications market. TRON is focusing on another significant leap into a brighter and more visible future, announcing an upgrade to Odyssey 3.1, which was achieved with a general consensus of the community. The new update will introduce overall better network performance with respect to the operations of the intelligent contract, emphasizing the fact that the new update should be the most attractive for users and developers of decentralized applications. 

TRON’s partnership with BitTorrent and the launch of a new ICO, which is already six times the price of ICO, also had a positive impact on the price of TRON. BTT was sold out on the Binance launch site in less than 14 minutes, which is also 17 million. BitTorrent cheating has obviously pushed TRON up, since it has been seen to outperform other cryptocurrencies. Some market experts attribute the TRX price increase to the Chinese New Year

Because of these significant events that occurred earlier, the potential of the Throne has increased, and he is confident that he will soon succeed. Justin San has very good relations with market leaders, and Tron cooperates with BitForex, the company in the foreign exchange market – Shiftmarkets and even with the Chinese stock exchange OTCBTC. The partnership with BitForex is paving the way for TRON to remain optimistic in the coming years. Justin San is very influential and has already sketched a TRON roadmap that includes several partnerships.

What is Tron (TRX)?

The throne was created by Justin San, a 26-year-old Chinese student who had previously worked for Ripple. This coin was designed to change the way of publishing and publishing. 

In addition, it facilitates the sharing of content with major service providers, such as YouTube or Facebook, as a content creator, which allows you to fully control your own data, as a result of which you will be compensated for your own content.

TRON recently announced a $ 100 million gaming fund to be spent over the next 3 years, also known as TRON ARCADE. This gives developers a platform and the money they need to build on the basis of TRON. Basically it is used by artists, musicians and other creative people. People who are active in social networks or are used to gambling will love Tron and its use.

Market Forecast for Tron 2019 Price

In conditions of market instability, cryptocurrency price forecasting is indeed one of the most difficult tasks.

Let’s look at the publications and personalities, as well as their statement on the Tron (TRX) price forecast, which will give us a fairer idea:

# 1 PR Investing

According to PR investment, Tron can grow to $ 1 in only five years, and that sounds like a realistic and conservative outlook.

# 2 JioMobilePhone1500

According to jiomobilephone1500, they predicted that by the end of 2019, Tron could rise in price by no more than $ 5, because they believe that 2019 will be favorable for him. They even added that by 2020 they believe that the TRX could reach $ 47, which is an optimistic mood.

# 3 More Investors

By 2019, Tron will grow as it will return new investors from payment platforms such as PayPal, which may increase its value to $ 1.5 per coin.

# 4 CoinTame

Cointame gave a very conservative pessimistic forecast for Tron, in which they stated that by 2019 the TRX could reach $ 0.633, and by the end of 2020 it could reach $ 1.

Our Tron Price Forecast Verdict

Tron, being one of the fastest growing crypto, has a very good potential for growth in the market. A few months ago, Tron took 56th place, but now he has taken 11th place according to CoinMarketCap. Since Tron comes out of Ethereum, he has good opportunities to reach $ 0.4 in the next 5-8 months.

Although Tron may grow, its growth rates may be low compared to other currencies. But from 2019 and after that, it can go at a faster pace, because its roadmap is sorted and full of growth and planned development. The Atlas project will be launched in 2019, in which the latest TRON acquisition, BitTorrent, will be integrated to make it even safer.

Price forecast for Tron 2019

Justin Sanya’s relationship with Jack Ma predicts a merger or potential for rapprochement in the near future, which could lead to the success of the Throne. The throne will greatly increase the price this year. In the first two quarters, it will be in the range of 0.05 to 0.06 US dollars. 

But in the third quarter, it is gaining momentum, reaching $ 0.07, and by the end of 2019 it will reach $ 0.11, which is a positive indicator compared to last year. It is expected that in 2019, the TRX will receive a huge increase in security and privacy.

Price forecast for Tron 2020

The throne for the first time can reach $ 0.4. But this year will be a little more hesitant compared to the previous year. It will reach its highest peak in July, after which it will drop to 0.3 and eventually drop to another $ 0.24. In December 2020

Tron price forecast in 5 years

Its price forecast depends on its acceptance rate. Thus, by 2020, more and more organizations will be able to adopt its technology, which will make it more valuable. It will be accepted by startups, especially publishers or music startups.

The price of the TRX is expected to increase slightly in May, as investors witnessed a rally in recent days before a slight correction. The TRON price forecast assumes that the TRON price has increased by a long-term 1536.75% in the cost of the TRX with a 5-year investment. This means that in 2023 the price of TRON is projected at $ 0.54. You  convert TRX to BTC  from CoinSwitch at the best prices.

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